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The Aesthetics of 'New'-(l)*edge

academic F(R)AMe? work

I was born and raised on the right-east banks of the Rhine river, a stone's throw from Germany's former capital Bonn. As a scholarship holder of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, I studied cross-cultural dynamics of media, network, web aesthetics (Sciences of Visual Arts), inter-cultural dimensions of media(l) competences (Educational Sciences), and trans-cultural associations of digital/dynamic/virtual communication systems (Political Sciences).

My academic research approaches a complex inter-connection of digital-informations, virtual-cultures and cyber-systems, empirically reflecting the inter- and trans-disciplinary parts of interactive media development and social web improvement: digital, medial and virtual well-nourished through the socio-spatial inter-relatedness of dynamic communications.

On this basis, I lecture subject matters in the field of digital media competences, medial aesthetics and virtual awareness, for those creative-doers and innovative-thinkers, who like to advance newly-en-tangled virtual communities, constructing digital environments and cyber-spaces.

Enabling creative-doers and innovative-thinkers to figure and work out interactive media principles and social web pragmatics, worldly concerned from a variety of social perspectives and cultural angels. Exploring the world-wide broader diversity and discovering the inter-personal deeper quality of digital inter- connectedness, media(l) co-operations and virtual conjunctions in and for the digital age.

Besides concentrating on the inter- and trans-disciplinary aspects of digital informations, virtual cultures and cyber-systems, my ongoing research activities, on the economics of Global Know/ 'New'-(l)* edge Cultures, leading me to an empirical broader consideration and comparative deeper exploration in the associated research disciplines on interactive media, virtual self-organisations and the cyber-arts, drawing out a socio-spatial worldly as well as dynamic concerned framework for human cultural encouraged and social involved creativity and innovation shifts.

Empirically investigating the cross-cultural dynamics of social shifting informations and communicating the inter-cultural dimensions of media(l) motivations, together with the trans-cultural configurations of virtual content settings, which will subordinate the cyber-consolidation of in-formation technology services among individuals and industrial, commercial, public, governmental (self-) organisations.

I appreciate to team up with individuals and institutions, assisting and sharing inter-personal and group projects, providing to a lesser extent technical, than conceptual guidance to creative-doers and innovative thinkers, committed to avant-garden-ing: digital media competences, medial aesthetics and virtual awareness, especially to develop dynamic communications and to improve information design in prospect of world-wide flowing digital-data infra- and dynamically implicating virtual hyper structures of and by human 'New'-(l)* edge.

academic intersections of involved research disciplines

Interface Design Theory; Digital Media Development and Social Web Improvement concerned within and beyond economic processes; The interconnectedness of localized ‘Information’ Structures and globalized ‘Knowledge’ Transfers; Interactivity; Creativity; Innovative Thinking and Knowledge Content Management; Information Design; Dynamic Communications;

academic qualifications

Research Doctorate (to date) Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology, (Anthropology of the Medial and Knowledge Cultures), Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt Main, Germany;

Magistra Artium (M.A.) Educational Sciences, (Media Education and Creativity Research), Political Sciences, (Foreign Affairs and International Relations), Sciences of Visual Arts, (Visual Communication and Media Design), University of Kassel, Germany;

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (PG Dip Arts) Film, Television, Media and Cultural Studies, (Comparative Media Studies), University of Auckland, New Zealand;

academic co-operations

2008 to date, Full-time University Lecturer Position in Visual Communication and Media Design, at the University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland UK;

2007, Full-time University Lecturer Position in Communication Studies, at the Tsinghua University, Beijing, PR China;

2006-2007, Full-time University Lecturer Position in Business Studies, at the China Agricultural University, Beijing, PR China;

2005-2006, Full-time University Lecturer Position in Visual Communication, at the Dong Hua University, Shanghai, PR China;

Presented several performances, speeches and lectures on different topics in Europe and in Asia-Pacific.

academic projects and process of con-junctions


28th-30th April 2010, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Innovation {‘New’(l)*Edge } System(s)

Paper by Bärbel Kopp


6th-7th April 2010, SMU, Singapore.

Hyper-linking the cordial path-ways and affairs to Innovation in Virtual Culture.

Paper by Bärbel Kopp

…breaking-through virtual orbits of digital relevance…(Aesthetic Approaches to Game Design & Development)


13-15th December 2009, Picton, New Zealand.

Co-operative Discovery in a Period of Collaborative Upheaval.

Paper by Bärbel Kopp

… navigating beyond incoherent 'know'-ledge and towards self-absorbing 'new'-ledge …


22nd to 26th June 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Medial Spaces of Global Thinking: Exploring the inter-personal realms of co-operative possibilities.

Workshop by Bärbel Kopp

… from Human Creativity to Self-responsible Innovation Systems …

"[…] After exploring online and finding out where digital media and interactive events are used to their full potential and taking part in it, I find myself excited for the future development. The internet breaks a lot of barriers in terms of cross-cultural communication, this sounds like a real social benefit but we also have to consider that we cannot live in computers. Talking to people from 10 different countries through a monitor isn’t as good as talking to someone face to face. […]"

Graeme Pickles, 2009. DynA?_Excerpt from a student's essay.

The workshop is drawing out a social theory, describing the process of knowledge transfers, to investigate dynamic inter-connections, to communicate virtual co-operations and to construct complex con-junctions. Investigating, communicating and constructing the inter- and trans-disciplinary dynamics, dimensions and associations of societal Self-responsible Innovation Systems. Establishing in the broadest sense of an ‘Anthropology of the Media(l)’, an academic new-fangled branch of the social sciences, that uses these systematic methods of empirical investigations in a broader and deeper sense of ‘knowledge’ contexts; to analyze the virtual realities in development and improvement, with the goal of applying such ‘know-(new)-ledge’ to the pursuit of challenging economic infrastructures self-responsible.

[…] Trans-formation: I did research the term Dynamic Communication but came back with no results. This is when I realized that there is not standard definition for it and instead I’d have to discover it or maybe invent one myself. The way I came to understand it, working side by side with my classmates, Dynamic Communication is about sharing: sharing ideas, ideals, thoughts and beliefs in the kind of dynamic motion that cross-fertilizes people’s minds and helps the seeds of their spirit grow and flourish. Communication, like a tree, grows on patience and constant care. Once established though, it’s steady and as vital to human life as trees are. Where I will go next, I don’t know and I’ve come to understand that this lack of a definite path is the beauty of it. […]

Evlampia Mavridou, 2009. DynA?_Excerpt from a student's essay.

FAMe WIEN 2009

28. November 2008, Wien.

Vernetzungsdynamiken auf dem Hochseil der digitalen Mediengestaltung, ... erste Schritte und schwierige Sprünge in Richtung Wissensgesellschaft.

Paper by Bärbel Kopp


4 August – 7 November 2008, Dundee.

Un!' -framing 'Dis!'-plays of Interface 'In!' -capacity.

Artwork by Bärbel Kopp

The composite section of the gallery windows can be mediated through social larger scopes and cultural deeper frameworks of 'medial spaces'. Which are interwoven together from a social involvement and cultural entanglement with new dimensions of dynamic communications.

the Aesthetics of ’New-‘ ledge is not the hard-wired physiological infrastructure of the spider's web, but the individual integrated media dynamics, inter-personal communicated dimensions and human-centred web spaces, 'in-form-ing' “wherefore [>> from where]” they are participating, communicating, sharing mentally high-dynamic networks from all corners of the world. Where at its core, humans social self-attachment constructs the aesthetics of ‘new’ [cross-, inter-, and trans-] cultural co-relationships ...



academic dialogues

Please feel free to contact me if you need my assistance or just want to say “hello” : ))

Email: b.kopp(at)abertay.ac.uk

Phone: + 44 (0)1382-30-8692

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